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Welcome to the Safes Group platform, a virtual gateway to the world of passive security, belonging to the renowned company Sejfy.PL. The Safes Group platform is a central point where all stores and websites belonging to Sejfy.PL and offering passive security are located. It is an efficient place from which you can navigate to individual pages and stores offering anti-burglary and fireproof safes, safes and cabinets for firearms, armored safes, or anti-burglary doors. 

Our Mission

Sejfy.PL is not just a business; it’s a mission. Our goal is to provide reliable security solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers. As leading distributors, we closely cooperate with renowned safe manufacturers, representing recognized brands worldwide. Our mission is based on quality, reliability, and security, making us an undisputed partner in the field of passive security.

Our Offer

We offer comprehensive services, including advice, sales, transport, assembly, and service. Our impressive assortment includes over 2,000 models of safes, cabinets for documents, gun safes, metal furniture, anti-burglary doors, and other passive security solutions. We are flexible and ready to fulfill individual orders tailored to non-standard projects. Our solutions provide comprehensive protection for thousands of customers.

Security Guarantee

All our products have necessary certificates (IMP, VdS, ECB-S) and comply with Polish and European safety standards. We process orders within 24 hours, and our modern logistics guarantee efficient delivery.

We Deliver Security to 23 European Countries

Sejfy.PL proudly delivers passive security not only to the domestic Polish market but also to 23 European countries. Our expansion allows us to reach a wide range of customers, providing them with state-of-the-art security solutions.

Team of Professionals

Sejfy.PL is not just about products; it’s a team of young, dynamic, and ambitious individuals. Our company is focused on continuous development and strengthening its position in the market as a proven and reliable business partner. Our experts are ready to provide advice in choosing the right product or an individual solution tailored to customers’ needs.

Why Choose Sejfy.PL?

  • Quality and Safety: Products offered by Sejfy.PL meet the highest safety standards, confirmed by certificates and compliance with Polish and European norms.
  • Wide Range: We offer over 2,000 models of safes and other security products, tailored to various needs.
  • Comprehensive Services: We provide full support from advice to service, fulfilling both individual and standard orders.

In our constant pursuit of excellence, Sejfy.PL not only delivers reliable passive security to the Polish market but also takes pride in serving customers in 23 European countries. Our company, based in Poland, focuses on offering comprehensive security solutions, including anti-burglary safes, fireproof safes, gun cabinets, and many other products. The dynamic team at Sejfy.PL passionately ensures customer satisfaction, and our expansion into the European market is a testament to the trust placed in us. Security and professionalism are our priorities, regardless of the country in which we serve our customers.

Choose Sejfy.PL – Choose Security on a Global Scale!